Jack Is Now Coffee   😵🐸☕️

Looks like you can have whiskey in the morning and not be judged after all! Jack Daniel’s the whiskey giant has teamed up with World of Coffee, to create this non-alcoholic master piece called “Tennessee Whiskey Coffee.

 Yeah you read it right! The coffee is not going to get you lifted to keep the party going. The coffee is just infused with Jack’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey. That’s such a bummer for all my whiskey / coffee drinking friends. I was even excited about it and was gonna start drinking coffee just to be buzzing in the AM, but so much for that! I think the coffee is a great gift though. You can only purchase it at the “Lynchburg Hardware and General Store” in Lynchburg TN (Sounds like a place I won’t be going to no time soon! The place is called Lynchburg for Christ sakes) or on The Jack Daniels Website


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