Hennything is possible?😳

Ok! So everyone either won or didn’t win the all white yeezy’s yesterday FACTS! But only one person in this world got the new Hennessy colored ones.  Yes I said it! Hennessy! A guy by the name of @true_litty on Instagram, walked into a Footaction and poured Hennessy all over his shoes and the counter.  Watch the video and see for yourself. ​​ I still … Continue reading Hennything is possible?😳


Which V2’s were your favorite? Considering there were so many chances to get them. That stripe is probably the most noticeable feature you can’t miss when someone walks down the street. But where is the Yeezy franchises next stop with their signature shoe?  We all know the hype around the much anticipated yeezy runner is building. But new pics of the 650 V1’s have surfaced … Continue reading THE FUTURE OF THE YEEZY