I love BK there is nothing better than a Whopper. Let me rephrase that There is nothing better than a Double Whopper with cheese. It’s the best thing in the world! Pulling up to that drive thru window after ordering and grabbing your bag. Smelling those fresh fries and the lemonade right after (PAUSE) you put the straw inside the whole. Unless you end up sitting at the drive through for an hour waiting for someone to take your order. 

Now this is the second time this has happened to me. The first time was Christmas Eve and I was asking for a lot. But this time it was the middle of the day. Almost rush hour infact! The only reason I waited was because I wanted to see what would happen. Plus I knew it was good story as well. So I’m a little shallow for that but it still ain’t right. Infact it’s unconstitutional! Well it should be… No one should have to sit in a drive thru for that long and not get their meal free. The worst part was after I gave the girl my order she gets an attitude because I asked for an Oreo pie after I had already ordered. My biggest thing with resturants is customer service. Your food could taste like shit and I still may give it a second chance as long as you treat me right. Look at Popeyes Chicken! They fried a whole rat head in her chicken nuggets and they got people lined up in the drive thru every week. Now I’m not saying I’m gonna eat it again but they treated the lady right and you ain’t heard another person complain about it. As least that I know of. Bottom line is Burger King you got to do better. But in the mean time I’m like @fatboy_sse out here! 


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