Marcus Samuels’s Summer Skewer RecipeΒ 

I’m a big Marcus Samuels fan! So whenever he has a recipe up on his page I have to try it. Here’s one for his chicken skewer I know you’ll enjoy. Marcus take it away!  This recipe for chicken skewers is on frequent repeat at my house in the summer whenever I’m entertaining and want to use the grill.  Before you start cooking, remember to … Continue reading Marcus Samuels’s Summer Skewer RecipeΒ 


Scrolling through social media you find the weirdest things. I found one day and thought it was hilarious. So I guess this guy wanted to see who could eat their burrito the fasted? He beat the crap out of her she never stood a chance.  I have got to try this with my girl. Dollars to doughnuts she’d kick my ass.  ​​ What’s the craziest … Continue reading EVER HAVE A BURRITO 🌯 RACE WITH YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER?

Chicken Bacon Ranch Grilled

I haven’t been writing because I’ve been super busy lately. But I got hungry and I wanted to share it. I’ve been on a chicken, bacon, ranch kick. It’s something about that combination that man it’s amazing. ​​  I started with shredded chicken that I boiled and cut with two forks, seasoned and grilled it. Then after I took thick cut maple bacon and fried … Continue reading Chicken Bacon Ranch Grilled

My Take On The Grateful 3s

So I’m guessing DJ Khaled’s not in a meeting anymore.  ​​ At first site I instantly hated them and thought they could have been better. But after carfully looking at them and studying them they grew on me. Considering red is one of my favorite colors I had to give them a chance. The elephant print is what through me off. I think I’m just … Continue reading My Take On The Grateful 3s


So last Friday was NATIONAL DOUGHNUT DAY 🍩. So I went all the way out presenting the “Lutha Off The Henny”! Two Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, smother a giant organic beef patty with a molten core. With melted Swiss cheese, two pieces of maple bacon, a sunny side up egg and Henny sauce drizzled over top. Yeah Hennessy Sauce! Considering Sunday was National Conac Day I … Continue reading THE LUTHA OFF THE HENNYΒ