Grand Opening Grand Closing

So Joshua Vides you may remember him from the brand “CLSC”. Has some custom air forces for sale? Yeah he does! They’re white with black painted outlines of the seams and some other significant details of the sneakers as well. The shoes aren’t on any of the clothing lines sites it’s on a personal Shopify site he made, did I mention they are $400 a … Continue reading Grand Opening Grand Closing

The Beckham’s Are The Most Fashionable Family Alive.

After seeing this photo a few days back,  I have come to the conclusion that the Beckham’s are the most fashionable family alive.  Sorry Kanye! I’ve never seen any of them dress weird at all. They just literally look like they wake up just that fly.  Then to add to insult Victoria and Cruz on two different occations have been in photos rocking Louis Vuitton … Continue reading The Beckham’s Are The Most Fashionable Family Alive.

Yes Julz Care Package 

Looks like someone loves their girlfriend! In a recent snap socialite and entrepreneur Yes Julz got a care package from her boyfriend Maxwell Osborne.  You may remember him from DKNY  or better yet his brand Public School.  So you can only emagine what the gift was? Not just one but both pairs of the Public School 12s!  ​​ The tan that everyone is going nuts … Continue reading Yes Julz Care Package 

Agenda Las Vegas: Corey Shapiro Interview 

​​ While in Agenda it is only right that you roll in good company. Every time I’m at Agenda I have to see the man, the myth, the legend Corey Shapiro! The owner of vintage frames and Notorious barbershop. Corey is known for being a flashy guy so it was only right that ask him a few questions.  How did you get started I. Vintage … Continue reading Agenda Las Vegas: Corey Shapiro Interview