Holy gyro! 😵

So apparently Texas isn’t he only place that everything is bigger. The Halal Guys or @thehalalguyssocal on Instagram made a gianormous (pause) meat platter!  ​​ They did for none other than @foodbeast’s (pause) Meat Street food festival.  The platter was loaded with an (pause) assortment of meats and veggies like, chicken, beef, rice, lettuce, tomatoes, giant slices of pita bread and topped with a giant … Continue reading Holy gyro! 😵

Hennything is possible?😳

Ok! So everyone either won or didn’t win the all white yeezy’s yesterday FACTS! But only one person in this world got the new Hennessy colored ones.  Yes I said it! Hennessy! A guy by the name of @true_litty on Instagram, walked into a Footaction and poured Hennessy all over his shoes and the counter.  Watch the video and see for yourself. ​​ I still … Continue reading Hennything is possible?😳