#thehoodanthonybourdain meets #thetrapsemeraldlagasse

Now we all know about @upscale_vandal’S extreme food fetish. I mean he was the one who told me about “Truff” which I can’t stop cooking with. His tag is that he is the #thehoodanthonybourdain so I have now dubbed myself #thetrapsemeraldlagasse especially after last nights stuffed crab dinner. It had to be done I demand my respect in the kitchen and I’m gonna get it. … Continue reading #thehoodanthonybourdain meets #thetrapsemeraldlagasse

Grand Opening Grand Closing

So Joshua Vides you may remember him from the brand “CLSC”. Has some custom air forces for sale? Yeah he does! They’re white with black painted outlines of the seams and some other significant details of the sneakers as well. The shoes aren’t on any of the clothing lines sites it’s on a personal Shopify site he made, did I mention they are $400 a … Continue reading Grand Opening Grand Closing


Many can say what they want about John but one thing you can’t say is that he’s not motivated. He is definitely one of the most influential people of this sneaker culture. Weather you think he steels designs or not. To me no one does still or barrow something to make it to the top. You know the saying “Good artist copy, great artist steal”. … Continue reading JOHN GIEGER INTERVIEW ON THE NEW WAVE PODCAST